Texas States – Champs vs Chumps – One Hole of play


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Come be a chump and take on the Champs team!


The Champs will be Kevin Jones and Champ Catrina Allen. Nate Sexton will be providing live commentary that all your friends will tease you about for the rest of your disc golf career.

We’ll be playing 18 holes at the Lindsey Park Gold Course, in Tyler Texas on Monday 30th of March. Somewhere around 11, I’ll email with exact time.

The format will be 4 chumps per hole playing quads vs Catrina and Kevin playing doubles.

Come out and show the champs what you got!

This entitles you to ONE hole playing as a chump. Feel free to buy multiple holes, with a limit of 4 per person (feel free to buy more if you have some friends to share them with).

Once I get your purchase confirmation I’ll send you a google spreadsheet where you can pick what hole you’d like.